Riverbend Sports Complex, our staff works to create a safe environment for all of our customers and guests. We ask for your cooperation abiding by the following rules and guidelines. RSC reserves the right to remove any guests or customers for failure to abide by the RSC Rules.

Riverbend House Rules

The Facility House Rules are established and enforced to help ensure guest safety while participating at RSC. It is each staff member’s responsibility to help enforce the rules and address any violations appropriately and immediately.



Keep balls and other sports equipment in their respective playing areas. Absolutely NO soccer balls used off the field, specifically in the halls or reception area.


Only WATER is allowed in the field areas.


No gum allowed at any time inside the facility and especially inside the fields.


Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited on the facility grounds. Gum, candy, and food are prohibited within the athletic areas. Glass containers are prohibited within the athletic areas. No pounding on glass. Running jogging, or any form of warm-up activity is prohibited outside the field area.


Team managers are responsible for ensuring that individuals (including spectators associated with their team observe all RSC rules, regulations, and policies. RSC reserves the right to expel any individual or team from RSC property without refund for misconduct committed upon the premises. Improper actions by spectators, coaches, and/or players may result in match suspension, termination, or forfeiture. Any individual may be ordered to leave RSC property at any time for any reason.


RSC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. In order to recover lost items, please visit the front office. Lost water bottles, socks, towels and other frequently lost items will only be retained by RSC for a limited time.


Any pet other than service dogs, will not be allowed in the premises. No pets will be allowed inside the fields at any time.

 Field Rules

If any player(s), or any member of the audience attacks the referee or any other person, a report will be filed and will be discussed with the referees and league officials and a penalty decision will be given.
If a red card is given, the player will not be allowed to end the game and will have to leave the field immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you disagree with an arbitration please request a report from the referee and let us know so we can help solve the problem.
Each team is required to have a uniform with numbers on the jerseys to identify each player.

The time clock will be stopped only if:

  • ​A goalkeeper needs to be changed or

  • A player is injured

Please help us maintain order inside the courts. Only PLAYERS and COACHES can enter the field. No Exceptions!
A Yellow card will be given to any players or coaches who spit on the court.
Report all injuries/issues to RSC staff immediately.
Players/Coaches/Participants not following program rules may be asked to leave at any time.

Tournament Rules

Saturday Tournaments:

10 games are guaranteed, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are given upon qualification.
1st & 2nd Divisions (Depending on how many teams sign up)
Each team must consist of 7 players and goalkeeper.
Each game consists of two 20 minute halves  with a 2 minute break.

Punctuality is mandatory. All games will start on time. If a team does not show, the following procedure will take place:

  • ​For the first 5 minutes elapsed, the first goal will be marked.

  • At 8 minutes elapsed, a second goal will be marked.

  • At 15 minutes elapsed, the game will be CANCELLED.

If a team does not show, their next game may be at risk of cancellation.
When a team does not show, their game is recorded as a loss. After 3 games of no show, their team will be removed from the league and will not be eligible for a refund.
The team that is present will pay their referee fee and will be given points for that game.
Each team is responsible to pay their referee ($10 per game) or points for their game will not be counted.
Your schedule will be sent to you by text, and will be available on our website, and needs to be confirmed as soon as possible to avoid cancelling . If your team needs a specific day or time, you will need to let us know at least 8 days in advance.
Try your best to be available for each schedule given.
All players/coaches are bound to follow Riverbend House, League and Field Rules.

League Rules

Each player must have his photo credentials. The cost is $5.00.
Each team will be given 3 weeks to register their players.
Each player must sign RSC’s waiver of Liability.
Schedules and standings will be available on Facebook and the Riverbend website.
8 teams will advance in the second round. The teams will be placed in the following manner:


First Place vs. Eighth Place

Second Place vs. Seventh Place

Third Place vs. Sixth Place

Fourth Place vs. Fifth Place

Registration is $ 350.00 per team of 12 players maximum. A minimum of $150 must be paid when registering the team or at the opener game, (NO EXCEPTIONS) the rest must be paid NO later than the 3rd game.
Paying only part of referee fee per game is not acceptable.
Referee fee is $ 60.00 dollars. If a team leaves without paying, their next match will be forfeited.
No Food or Drinks (other than water) inside the courts.
To maintain our schedules on time, children will NOT be allowed into the field during half time.
We reserve the right of admission.


Class/Program Clinic: Refund Policy

All payments made to RSC are non-refundable unless a program is cancelled due to insufficient participation. No Refunds will be issued if a participant misses a class or class is canceled due to inclement weather. Make up classes are offered. Requests to cancel a registration must be made 2 weeks prior to start of the program or league.

If any injury occurs outside of RSC and prohibits a participant from continuing in the program, a doctor’s note must be provided and a credit will be applied to customer’s account. No payment refund will be issued.

Field/Training Center Rental Policy

A 50% deposit will be due at the time of booking. A credit card # will need to be taken at the time of rental and an invoice will need to be created at the time of booking. The deposit will be non-refundable for cash. If the customer cancels the reservation within one week of the scheduled reservation, a credit will be issued to the customer’s credit card. They will owe the balance at the time of the rental where the same credit card will be charged. If the customer prefers to pay cash/check for the balance, that is acceptable and the credit card will not be charged for the balance.

Birthday Party Polices

All parties require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit in order for RSC to secure the date and time. If a party must be rescheduled, the customer may do so one time without penalty 5 days prior to the event. The customer has up to one year from the original event date to reschedule their party. If the party is cancelled or rescheduled after confirmation is received, 50% of the deposit along with the cost of any perishable items ordered will be forfeited.

PLEASE NOTE: All guests are required to fill out a RSC waiver to participate in any activity at RSC. For guests that are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must fill out a waiver. Waivers are available on our website and copies are available at our facility. All parties must be confirmed 5 days prior to the event date. If your party is not confirmed 5 days prior, RSC will provide for the base package.

If you have questions, concerns or need further information, please contact us.